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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra UP TO HIGHEST $750 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Looking to sell your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for cash? At Mobile Trade, it's easy! Simply walk into our convenient Brisbane CBD office or mail in your device. Once received, we'll promptly assess its condition and value. Expect payment within 2-3 business days, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transaction. Rest assured, your privacy is our priority – all devices undergo thorough data erasure to protect your personal information. Whether you're upgrading to a new model or simply looking to declutter, Mobile Trade offers a seamless selling experience. Turn your pre-owned device into cash today with Mobile Trade, your trusted marketplace for mobile phones in Australia.

Why Sell your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Mobile Trade?

Mil-Spec Data Erasure

Mil-Spec Data Erasure

Fast Secure Delivery with Signature.

Fast Funds Payout

Over 30,000 Customers

Over 30,000 Customers

What our customer says...

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Bought an iPhone from the team at Mobile Trade.Excellent value for money, I could not find an iPhone X 256GB for this value anywhere in Brisbane for this price. They were kind enough to even give me a free screen protector

Joo K

testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1

Very happy with the service provided by Mobile Trade. Just purchased 2 second hand iPhone X’s from their Brisbane city store. Was able to purchase online and collect on my way to work. Both phones are sold with warranty and look to be in really nice condition!

Bergunella S

testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1

Purchased a secondhand Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Mobile Trade , I have to say the delivery speed, website service and product quality is exceptional. The device quality has exceeded my exceptions

Lucca S

testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1 testimonial1

Sold 3 iPad’s and my old iPhone X to mobile trade which were to be upcycled and re-homed. Pleasant experience and the CBD drop-in service works very well. I was instantly paid and left their office after 5 minutes.

Rosie K-S

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Any Questions? Read our FAQs

Where can I sell my phone? arrow-up arrow-down

Selling your used phone has never been easier! With Mobile Trade, you’ll find a platform for selling your old phone for top dollar. Mobile Trade has trade-in hubs in both Brisbane and Sydney. If you reside elsewhere, you can mail your device to Mobile Trade’s head office with a complimentary shipping label. The entire trade process is simple and very convenient. So, if you happen to have a used phone you’d like to sell, then look no further than Mobile Trade!

Why not just sell my phone or trade it back to my telco? arrow-up arrow-down

Many people believe the best way to dispose of a phone is to sell it to a cellphone carrier. We completely understand how convenient it is to do so. As you’re purchasing a new phone, you’re trading in your old one and you’re getting a discount. However, knowing all the facts will make you reconsider. The fact is that cellphone carriers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are not exactly known for their generosity when purchasing old phones. You’ll get much better rates on average by selling your phone at Mobile Trade. In this way, you’ll save a lot more money when purchasing a new phone.

How do I sell my Phone? arrow-up arrow-down

Mobile Trade takes the hassle out of selling your phone, simply visit our website to view the most up to date price for your mobile phone. We buy brand new, used and broken phones.

Step 1: search your phone in the search bar at the top of the home page

Step 2: select the correct model phone to sell

Step 3: Select the condition of your device and view price.

Step 4: Complete sales order request online, simply mail device to mobile trade or deliver in person to one of our trade-in hubs in Brisbane or Sydney.

Who Buys Second-Hand Mobile Phones? arrow-up arrow-down

There are a lot of companies and individuals that might need second-hand mobile phones. Here at Mobile Trade, we only work with top-rated companies. The price for new technological gadgets continues to grow exponentially. There are many people that would prefer to use cheaper, refurbished phones, instead. The same can be said about businesses and companies. The drive to decrease costs and expenses while taking care of our environment is what guides them to purchase second-hand mobile phones.

Why Sell my Phone to Mobile Trade? arrow-up arrow-down

Mobile Trade is the number 1 website for selling old phones in Australia. You could decide to sell your phone on Gumtree or FB and chances are that you’ll get the job done in this way. However, where our platform shines is in offering the best available prices for your used phone. You’ll save a lot of time and you’ll also get the biggest price on your used phone. Moreover, if you deal with the buyers directly, then you may not happen to have enough info about them. After all, you may get scammed if you aren’t careful. Mobile Trade has over 7 years in the mobile B2C and B2B space providing deep value to mobile users across Australia. The prices that we give are always fair and completely unbiased. Also, our website is free to use. This makes Mobile Trade the best choice for trading in your used mobile device and getting generously compensated for it!

What are the Environmental Benefits to selling? arrow-up arrow-down

The global awareness about the danger we put the environment in continues to rise. More and more people are becoming aware of the effects that we have as humans on the environment. One of the worst ways in which people pollute is by throwing away used electronics. These electronical devices are proven to be detrimental to the environment’s health. This is why it’s very important to properly dispose of your electronic devices, such as smartphones. By trading in your mobile device with Mobile Trade, you’ll help protect the environment. All the companies that we work with have been proven to be conscious of the environment’s needs. So, they’ll recycle the used mobile devices – or they’ll disassemble them, preventing any harm being done to the environment. There are many great environmental benefits that you’ll help achieve if you sell your mobile device to Mobile Trade.

Can I sell bulk mobile phones? arrow-up arrow-down

Yes, we also take bigger batches of used mobile phones. We’re fully aware that there are many companies that may be willing to sell bigger batches of smartphones. If you’re the representative of one such company, then feel free to contact one of our account managers. You can also check out our business page where you’ll learn the info you need on selling bulk mobile phones.

How Much is my old phone worth? arrow-up arrow-down

Perhaps you’re unsure as to the exact value of your old phone. Of course, most of us can make an assessment. But if you can’t do this, then feel free to use our search box. Just write your phone’s model and you’ll instantly get the best price for it. We feel that you’ll be surprised by how much money you can trade your phone in at Mobile Trade.

Sell a Broken Phone? Does Mobile Trade Buy Broken Phones? arrow-up arrow-down

The best part about Mobile Trade is that we’re known to purchase even broken phones. If you thought that your broken phone was worthless, then think again. Of course, it’s only natural to get a commensurately smaller sum of money for your broken phone. However, the thing to note is that we will pay you for it. As you write the model of your phone, you’ll have the option to tell us whether the device is broken. If it is, then you’ll get an updated price for the device. The reason why we purchase broken phones is that there are lots of parts that may still be unharmed. We can then recycle and reuse these parts to fuel the work of new devices. Or we can fix the broken phone and recycle it in this way.